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For Job Seekers

Whether it is temporary (contract) or permanent employment you are seeking Contract Personnel offer a range of opportunities for your career development.  Our candidates are the driving force of our business.  We have a large client base of organisations to get your career steaming ahead.


Many Independent Contractors formally working on a 'Direct Hire Basis' have tales and stories of being 'Burnt' by their host employers. Most notably of 'Not Being Paid' as the host employer has gone broke or they have an accident and have not been covered by Workers Compensation, or the most difficult of all to come to grips with is being 'back-charged' for perhaps minor error's which in many case exceed Contract value.

Think very carefully about your arrangement with the host employer. Do you really want to take the risk? By using Contract Personnel Australia Pty Ltd to underwrite your 'DIRECT CONTRACT' we guarantee the following:

  • Guaranteed payment for all hours worked (Even if the end user goes bust we wear the loss)
  • Guaranteed quarterly payment of Superannuation to your nominated fund
  • Guaranteed coverage of Workers Compensation
  • Electronic transfer of funds to your nominated account on a fortnightly basis
  • Accurate and precise Payment Records provided at the end of the Fiscal year
  • On-line time sheet / invoicing facility.

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